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DCRM  - Direct Corrosion Rate Monitoring

Corrosion monitoring is the measurement of corrosion rate under industrial conditions. Most commercially available corrosion monitoring technologies use coupons or probes/electrodes for measuring the corrosion rate. These parts have to be replaced in the system from time to time, therefore their surface condition can be significantly different to that of the pipe which is in place probably for decades. This difference adds an inherent uncertainty to the corrosion rate assessment, which can reduce the reliability of the whole monitoring process.

The new corrosion monitoring technology, Direct Corrosion Rate Monitoring (DCRM) was developed on the basis of the analysis of deficiencies and failures of industrial corrosion monitoring systems. This new technology carries out the corrosion rate measurement directly on the pipe wall, using the installed electrodes only for reference and auxiliary purposes, providing bias-free corrosion rate figures, at lower maintenance costs.


Advantages of DCRM

  1. Location of the measurement:  Directly on the inner surface of the pipe

  2. Speed of the measurement:  fast measurement process, providing a corrosion rate figure in minutes

  3. Follows fast changes of the corrosion rate in technological systems

  4. Detecting of pitting by the continuous potential monitoring of the internal pipe surface potential

  5. Operating in aqueous media also containing hydrogen sulfide

  6. Lifetime of the sensors is minimum 5 years

  7. Wireless communication is possible, the system can be interfaced to any common industrial communication protocols

Do you really know the real-time corrosion rate of your pipes?

The testing and validation equipment, designed basically for the evaluation of the DCRM technology, is also applicable for the evaluation of corrosion resistance of steels, the corrosiveness of media and the performance of corrosion inhibitors and other treatment chemicals, under nearly industrial conditions. These applications facilitate the correct comparison of different structure materials and treatment products. We also provide gas corrosion testing equipment, including direct analysis of corrosive gas components.


DCRM testing in an Oil refinery



Field demonstration of our DCRM technology

The brand new DCRM technology® uses the pipe wall itself for the measurement of the corrosion rate.  The applied electrodes are used only for counter and reference purposes. The system is complete with the appropriate measurement method, sensors, instrument and application software. The measurement is carried out DIRECTLY on the pipe wall, providing instantaneous information of the corrosion rate of the pipe. This is absolutely necessary, because the pipe is corrdoing, not the sensor.

The DCRM® monitoring system contains: 

  • Sensors

  • DCRM Measurement Control Instrument

  • Application Software



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